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Saturday Seminar: Regulation in the Classroom from an Educator’s Perspective

Victoria_MunroeVictoria Munroe, MA arrived at Therapro on Saturday morning, January 16th as a breath of fresh air from Amherst, Massachusetts where she is an innovative 1st grade teacher within an inclusion model.  Her Saturday seminar on January 16th entitled: Regulation in the Classroom from an Educator’s Perspective, was presented to a rapt audience of educators, occupational therapists, and parents.    In addition to being a dedicated teacher, Victoria is a certified Positive Discipline Trainer and Parent Educator, which is an approach to discipline that teaches children positive skills such as “problem solving, relationship building, communication, cooperation, respect, and responsibility.”

The attendees were treated to a virtual tour of Victoria’s classroom where we experienced close-ups of a typical day. Specialized activity areas included classroom sensorimotor stations, areas for regulation driven by Brain Gym, Alert Program, Drive Thru Menus, and Zones of Regulation, and spaces for class meetings and lessons. Victoria’s classroom “Peace Corner” holds many sensory materials including a variety of fidgets to help children return to the “Green Zone” of calm and readiness for learning. This classroom provides a nurturing, positive learning environment with built-in supports when a child becomes dysregulated and needs a place to regain control with the goal of remaining in control.

The expectation is for children to transition through activities in Victoria’s classroom, learning successful strategies along the way. Multisensory techniques are utilized to achieve structure throughout the day. These techniques are based on Core values of Victoria’s school, identified by the acronym STAR; Safety, Try My Best, Act Responsibly, and Respect. She demonstrated strategies she uses to help her students with developing executive function skills to help them be better organized and ready for an activity. She suggested something as easy as using photographs as a visual reminder to check if a task has been completed as expected.

A highlight of the morning was getting a roomful of adults standing up and moving to energizing music from that encouraged us to “Get Your Body Movin’ and “pull it, push it, dip it” with a catchy beat that you couldn’t ignore.  Victoria uses activities like this for helping her class move, focus, and become alert in order to channel their energy productively.  As a result, her students are engaged and ready to learn!

Here are some of the comments made by attendees who were inspired by Victoria’s presentation:

“Amazing techniques for regulating behavior for all children.  I would love to be a student in Victoria’s class!  Laura E., Teacher

 “It is about a dedicated, experienced 1st grade teacher that is sharing her tools used & implemented with caring and love.”  Anonymous, Occupational Therapist

 “Interactive, inspiring, and pragmatic strategies for student success.”  Sarah S., Occupational Therapist

 “Helpful strategies to help OTs work with teachers.  Good to get teacher’s perspective and how they can use self-regulation strategies in the classroom.”  Stacey F., Occupational Therapist

 “Great job explaining what she does and why.  Very rich detail so it comes alive.”  Anonymous, Teacher

Thank you, Victoria!

Filomena Connor, MS, OTR/L

16th annual Therapies in the School Conference

The sold-out 16th annual Therapies in the School Conference took place in Framingham, MA on November 19-20 and was sponsored once again by Education Resources Inc. Therapro’s exhibit was visited by most of the 350 attendees who hailed from many corners of the USA. Every year, this conference seeks to provide topics that address building successful school experiences for children who have motor and sensory processing challenges. The themes of research-based treatment techniques, effective goal writing, and collaboration with team members flowed throughout both conference days. A sampling of interesting workshops included: Addressing Motor Issues in Autism, The Role of the Therapist in Improving Mental Health and Reducing School Aggression, and Making Feeding Intervention Work in the Schools. Some of the sessions from the 2015 conference were videotaped and will be offered online in early 2016.

Therapists stopped by the Therapro exhibit to pick up a new catalog, stock up on old favorites like Zipper Zoom Ball, Yogarilla, and Doodle Top, or to just say ‘hello.’ New products like Wind-UpToys, Bouncy Bands for Chairs and Desks, Progressive Grip Kit, and DNA Ball were so popular that we couldn’t keep them in stock.

Many therapists throughout both conference days selected the following books:

Therapists were enthused about the information they gained from this exceptional conference. Therapro was proud to participate in the conference and to provide the tools that therapists (and their students!) love to use in their school-based practice.

Filomena Connor, MS, OTR/L

Therapies in the School Conference

Therapists from across the country attended the 15th annual Therapies in the School Conference on November 20-21 in Framingham, MA, sponsored by Education Resources, Inc. This year’s conference hosted a distinguished faculty who presented workshops on many hot topics, a sampling of which addressed learning visual and motor strategies that promote learning, providing therapy given time restraints, and building executive function skills to help students with efficiency and productivity.

Many school-based therapists stopped by the Therapro booth to check out new products and old favorites, or just to say ‘hello.’ I always love sharing ideas and brainstorming with attendees.

Check out these very popular Therapro products that therapists heartily endorsed. You can find them on the Therapro website:


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Is it Sensory or Is it Behavior?

Attendees left this conference with a wealth of information that will be directly applicable to their practice in the schools. Congratulations on celebrating 15 outstanding years of Therapies in the School!

-Filomena Connor, MS, OTR/L