Everyday Sensory Solutions: The Use And Benefits Of Fidgets

Fidgets are beneficial tools for reducing restlessness, managing stress, promoting relaxation, and enhancing fine motor skills. They provide a tactile outlet for nervous energy, making them particularly helpful for individuals with autism, stress, anxiety, ADHD, or other attention-related challenges. Fidgets also support sensory regulation and self-soothing, benefiting individuals in various settings like classrooms, offices, or leisure activities. They offer a discreet way to cope with restlessness or anxiety, helping individuals maintain focus and overall well-being.

Choosing non-toy-like fidget tools can further enhance their effectiveness. Opting for tools with an inconspicuous design allows individuals to discreetly engage with sensory stimulation. This non-toy appearance minimizes distractions and potential judgments from others, making it especially advantageous in professional or formal environments. Non-toy-looking fidget tools provide a subtle approach that maintains discretion and reduces social stigma while promoting self-regulation, focus, grounding and sensory engagement.

Sommerfly fidget tools, designed by our occupational therapist are known for their top quality construction and materials. Each product is crafted with meticulous attention to detail and made from premium materials to ensure durability and longevity. Sommerfly’s commitment to excellence in craftsmanship guarantees that their products maintain effectiveness and reliability over time, providing individuals with a consistent and superior sensory experience.

Sommerfly Go-Support Wrist Fidget:

girl writing with the Sommerfly’s Go-Support Wrist Fidget™  on her wrist, demonstrating  the Use And Benefits Of Fidgets

Sommerfly’s Go-Support Wrist Fidget™ is a set of two spandex wrist bands filled with calming beads. Resting on beads when typing or writing places the wrist in a neutral position which reduces strain on the hand and wrist that can help relieve symptoms from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Sommerfly Wristful Fidget:

girl sitting with the Sommerfly Wristful Fidget, demonstrating the Use And Benefits Of this Fidgets

Sommerfly Wristful Fidget is a revolutionary spandex wristband designed to promote focus and relaxation. Filled with soothing beads, this innovative accessory provides a calming sensory experience. Worn around the wrist or stretched into the hand, the Wristful Fidget allows you to discreetly fidget with the serene beads, helping you find a sense of calm and concentration.

Sommerfly Focus Fidgety:

Sommerfly’s Focus Fidgety is a practically designed hand fidget that has a wrist strap and finger loop to help our fidget stay on the body.  The Focus Fidgety has a non-toy look which further promotes focus. No more dropped or thrown fidgets!

It is important to note that all occupational therapists are trained in sensory processing and many have extensive experience and deep understanding in this area. Whenever possible, seek guidance from an occupational therapist for individualized sensory recommendations.

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Guest Blogger: Kristi Langslet, OTR/L

Kristi Langslet, OTR/L is the proud owner of Sommerfly, a company dedicated to providing individuals of all ages with sensory needs unique product designs that are meticulously crafted in the USA for optimal quality and construction. Most importantly, Sommerfly’s passion is to serve those who use our products.