Blogs We Love

Here are just a few of the OT blogs we love:

The Recycling Occupational Therapist – “Innovative Interventions to Treat Children on the Autism Spectrum”

Miss Awesomeness – “This blog chronicles my OT journey starting from 2006 in the beginning of OT school, through 9 months of fieldwork, to my first year as an OT working in rural Deep South in physical dysfunction, to my transition into an elementary school system district in California. I’m in my third year now and learning new things every day. My mind is constantly blown by the amazingness of OT!”

The Anonymous OT – “Unfiltered Opinions from a Pediatric Occupational Therapist”

The OT Mama – “Thoughts and ideas from an OT Mamma!”

TechnOT – “An occupational therapy blog about the role of online technology in OT education and practice.”

ABC Therapeutics – “Reflections on a Lifework of Occupational Therapy”

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