Pool Noodle as Assistive Technology?

On Tuesday August 11th, Therapro hosted another successful webinar, Assistive Technology Tips and Tools. Our presenter, Abbie King M.S, CCC-SLP, engaged attendees with a fun activity, how Can You Use a Pool Noodle as Assistive Technology? Viewers provided some great ideas for new and different ways to use a pool noodle in the setting they are working in.  Check out some of the great ideas below!  

Using a Pool Noodle for Physical Access:

  • Using on corners of desks/ edges for safety
  • Sitting balance for an infant with (decreased) trunk support
  • Side supports in (a wheelchair) 
  • Holding utensils
  • Sliced open – place on the edge of a table or wheelchair tray to create a bumper
  • Place as a footrest border
  • Place a bungee cord inside and wrap around chair as a foot fidget

Using a Pool Noodle as Assistive Technology for Low Vision:

  • Put on edges of desks so students can tell where desks end to not push items of
  • Use as a card holder
  • (Raised) border to a book or slant board,
  • Cut into pieces and put different letters on there to make words
  • Hang beads to work on far/near focus
  • Bright colors can be used on handles
  • Prop ipad
  • Follow the moving noodle with eyes in all planes
  • Tape together to make circle, place over desired object, visual/large core board
  • Stabilize cards
  • I spy games looking through a pool noodle..scavenger hunts

Using a Pool Noodle fas Assistive Technology for Hearing:

  • Talk through for sound
  • (Playing) telephone
  • Slap them together, hit balls, air wands
  • Play drums with pool noodles
  • Rubbing it with hands
  • Speak into one end and have child listen to sounds on other end to increase auditory feedback/sensory awareness

Using a Pool Noodle as Assistive Technology for Behavioral/ Emotional Challenges:

  • Sensory tool (fidget)  to squeeze, poke with golf tees, or roll small piece 
  • Something to squeeze, grasp, or tap on surface
  • As a reward: use it to play balloon volleyball
  • Rock right/left while grasping overhead
  • Take a turn talking, deep breathing
  • Wrap around child to create “bubble zone” for teaching personal space and reduce anxiety from overstimulation
  • Attaching to chair to kick to increase focus; hand fidget
  • Get anger out using a pool noodle to hit something…or make a “feelings fort” out of pool noodles

Other Uses for A Pool Noodle:

  • Theraband on chair
  • Play as obstacle course
  • Use for positioning
  • Boundaries on a table for remote or switch controlled doodle bug or car
  • Having a sword fight
  • Pencil grips