S’Cool Moves Webinar Review

On Tuesday, September 15, 2020 Therapro was happy to host another very successful and well attended webinar, S’Cool Moves, presented by Dr. Debra Em Willson.  Dr. Wilson is a reading specialist and founder of S’Cool Moves. To learn more about the S’Cool Moves program, check out the post, What is S’Cool Moves!   Webinar attendees left with some great strategies to use for both in person and virtual learning sessions, as one viewer stated:

S’cool Moves has changed the way I practice OT in school. Incorporating Deb’s movements with academics has allowed my students to be so much more engaged and motivated. Her activities can be adapted to every grade level. DF

During the webinar, Dr. Wilson covered her “Top 10 Superrmoves”; that she uses to help students “flip the learning switch”.  Some highlights included: 

  1. Checking In With Myself Tool.  Dr. Wilson shared a visual to use with students to facilitate the “checking in” process and demonstrated a  great example of how to use this visual to help students get out of a “funk”.  
  2. I Can Calm Myself Routine.  Dr. Wilson shared deep pressure activities  students can use for calming and shared a visual that can be individualized for each student.  
  3. Core Out the Door & Minute Moves for Fine Motor. For these super moves, Dr. Wilson demonstrated how she incorporated the Minute Moves activities to a whole class setting, a great resource for therapists doing ‘push in’ services.  
  4. Smiley Jumps, Arrows, & Quadrant Activities. For these super moves, Dr. Wilson demonstrated how she created a simple DIY magnetic board to facilitate using these movement activities in virtual lessons, making the learning session more interactive!

In addition to these great resources, Dr. Wilson shared some great research to support her approaches. As one viewer stated:

I will be taking all of the activities / resources /website, etc, directly to my Title One teachers tomorrow and know they will be interested and use! I have provided many suggestions, activities etc. and even though well received, are not always implemented. Now I can say this comes from a reading specialist. Teachers listen to teachers and I am thrilled as an OT to use anything that will help kids. Deb was wonderful! Generous heart and knowledgeable lady….thank you so much! BW

If you missed the webinar be sure to check out the recap here!