More Than Just A Slant Board!

Allyson Locke M.S., OTR/L & Sarah Glovasky M.S., OTR/L 

Slant boards are an invaluable therapeutic tool. They are a staple feature in classrooms and an added bonus to a well equipped homework station. The versatility of slant boards allows for endless uses; they can be used at desks or tables during seated work, on a counter when working in a standing position, or even on the floor when working in the prone position (pro tip- this is a great way to develop important postural muscles!).  Some great benefits to using slant boards are:

Improve Pencil Grasp!
Writing on a surface that is positioned at an approximate 20 degree angle will put the wrist in the optimal extended position. This positioning encourages better pencil grasp and fine motor control.  Therapro’s Better Boards are lightweight and portable, making it easy to access the benefits of an angled writing surface just about anywhere!

Increase Attention & Focus!
Bringing visual information closer to eye level helps increase visual attention and focus.  It can also help decrease eye strain.  Place reading material on a slant board (or even a book holder) helps bring materials closer to eye level. 

Improving Posture!

Placing work materials on a raised surface, like a slant board, can help to decrease the rounded back posture. (Pro tip, ensure the angle of the slant board is at least at 22 degrees! ) The Aluminum Adjustable Slant Board and Adjustable/Collapsible Lightweight Slant Board both feature an adjustable angle, making it easy to find the perfect height!

Increasing Accessibility!
Many slant boards feature a clip to hold and stabilize papers. This feature is beneficial for one handed access or when bilateral coordination is decreased.  Write Slant Boards have an extra large clip for even easier access!

Slant boards are a great option for solving a variety of visual perceptual, fine motor and postural challenges!