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Therapro’s Unforgettable Experience at AOTA 2024: A Recap

The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) Annual Conference & Expo 2024 was an event to remember, and Therapro was proud to be at the forefront, showcasing our latest innovations and resources. From insightful discussions with renowned authors to hands-on demonstrations of must-have therapy tools, our booth was a hub of activity, drawing in attendees eager to explore the world of occupational therapy. Read on for a recap of Therapro’s experience at AOTA 2024!

Is It Sensory Or Is It Behavior? 2nd Edition

One of the highlights of the event was the presence of Carolyn Murray-Slutsky, MS, OTR, and Betty Paris, PT, esteemed authors of several pivotal publications, including “Is It Sensory Or Is It Behavior? 2nd Edition” and “Autism Interventions (2nd Edition).” Their expertise illuminated the complexities of sensory processing and behavior, sparking engaging conversations and offering valuable insights for attendees.

The functionalhand

Creator Linda Merry, OTR, was also on hand to demonstrate the versatility and practical applications of her ingenious creation, the functionalhand. This innovative tool proved to be a game-changer, garnering attention for its effectiveness in promoting fine motor skills and hand function.

Psymark Visual-Motor apps

Furthermore, attendees were introduced to an exciting new addition to Therapro’s inventory: the Psymark Visual-Motor Apps. Developed by Karen Silberman and Dana Khudaverdyan, these groundbreaking digital tools revolutionize progress monitoring in visual-motor skills. With real-time data analysis and user-friendly interfaces, Psymark apps promise to streamline assessment processes and deliver precise, individualized results.

Hands-on interaction was encouraged with Therapro’s newest evaluations, such as Identi-Fi, Trails-X™, and the Peabody Developmental Motor Scales–Third Edition (PDMS-3). These assessments offer comprehensive insights into various aspects of motor development and cognitive function, empowering therapists to tailor interventions effectively.

The Peabody Developmental Motor Scales–Third Edition (PDMS-3)

Attendees also had the chance to explore games, specially designed with the therapist in mind. Attendees had the opportunity to explore games like Letter Treasure Hunt, Novenops, and Trunks, specially designed to facilitate therapeutic interventions and promote skill development in a fun and engaging manner.

Letter Treasure Hunt

Of course, no visit to our booth would be complete without experiencing the vast array of sensory tools available from Therapro. From Happy Senso to Fidgets and alternative seating options, attendees were immersed in a world of sensory exploration and discovery.

The Alert Chair

Overall, AOTA 2024 was an incredible opportunity for us to connect with fellow professionals, share knowledge, and showcase the latest tools for occupational therapy practitioners. We’re grateful for the enthusiastic response from attendees and look forward to continuing our mission of empowering therapists and improving lives through innovative solutions. Until next time!

Therapro’s Low-Tech Assistive Technology Solutions Shine at ATIA 2024

The Assistive Technology Industry Association (ATIA) 2024 witnessed a bustling Therapro booth, where attendees were immersed in a hands-on experience with a diverse range of assistive technology solutions. The spotlight, however, was on the low-tech assistive technology solutions, which stood out for their simplicity, ease of use, and practicality.

Assistive Technology for Reading and Writing

One of the highlights at the Therapro booth was the Reading and Writing Solutions Station, where attendees explored assistive technology solutions for various reading and writing tasks. Attendees saw the multi purpose abilities of the slant board first hand. The slant board is designed to optimally position the wrist during handwriting activities but it can also be a great way to bring reading material closer while minimizing visual distractions. Notable tools at this station included various pencil grips and adapted writing paper. The “Get a Grip on Grips” handy guide and the “Which Writing Tool” handy guide garnered appreciation for their practicality in determining the most suitable tools for different situations. Attendees also explored devices like the ultradome for magnifying text and the Step by Step for recording stories, engaging emerging readers effectively.

Assistive Technology for Participation

The Participation Solutions Station aimed at increasing access and participation in daily activities. The Functionalhand, a popular tool at the station, impressed attendees with its ease of use in aiding grip and grasp. The Eazyholds also gained attention for their user-friendly design, making gripping objects more manageable. The station featured adapted scissor options, from spring-loaded to mounted scissors, catering to various needs.

Switch Access Tools:
Taking a step into higher-tech solutions, the Participation Solutions Station also showcased switch access tools. Attendees explored a range of switches, from the tiny Spec Switch to proximity switches and the wobble switch. The display included an insightful demonstration of battery interrupters, transforming battery-operated toys into switch-adapted devices—a hit among participants. The PowerLink, a versatile tool, was another assistive technology tool demonstrated at the booth. The PowerLink is used to turn corded devices, like blenders, into switch-accessible ones. Attendees were intrigued by PowerLink activity ideas, such as creating an adapted bowling game using the Powerlink and a fan.

Assistive Technology for ADL (Activities of Daily Living)

At the ADL Solutions Station, Therapro presented classic tools designed to enhance users’ engagement in self-care activities. Weighted utensils, a rocker knife, adapted cups, and scoop dishes were among the showcased items. These tools are essential for individuals seeking increased independence in their daily routines.

ATIA 2024 was a great opportunity for Therapro to showcase a wide range of assistive technology solutions that cater to diverse needs. The emphasis on simplicity and practicality, especially with the popularity of low-tech options, reinforces the idea that effective assistive technology can be both accessible and user-friendly. As Therapro continues to innovate, the commitment to empowering individuals with disabilities through thoughtful solutions is evident.

Unveiling Success: Recap of the 2023 School Based Practitioners Summit

We’re thrilled to share the highlights of our exhilarating experience at the 2023 School Based Practitioners Summit, held on August 7th and 8th in the vibrant city of Columbus, Ohio. This event brought together school based practitioners from across the region to exchange knowledge, discover new treatment tools, and forge meaningful connections. As part of this inspiring event, we’re excited to unveil the top five best-selling products that left attendees buzzing with excitement.

1. Letter Treasure Hunt: Handwriting Fun in the Form of a Great Game!

Letter Treasure Hunt

Topping the charts of the summit’s best sellers is Therapro’s own innovative game, Letter Treasure Hunt. This engaging tool takes handwriting practice to a whole new level through interactive play. Designed to captivate young minds, this game facilitates letter recognition, gross motor challenges, and social interaction. With Therapro’s commitment to combining fun and education, Letter Treasure Hunt was a clear favorite among attendees.

Pro Tip from a physical therapist in attendance; instead of writing letters, challenge players to imitate those letters with their body to change the skill focus from handwriting to body awareness!

2. Crayon Rocks: Ignite Creativity and Fine Motor Skills

Crayon Rocks

In a world of digital distractions, Crayon Rocks stood out as a timeless gem. These vibrant, eco-friendly crayons provide an excellent platform for sparking creativity and refining fine motor skills. Their ergonomic shape encourages proper pencil grip, setting the stage for future writing success. At the summit, practitioners recognized the value of fostering creativity through simple yet effective tools like Crayon Rocks.

3. Happy Senso Sensory Gel: A Sensory Delight

Happy Senso sensory foam

Happy Senso Sensory Gel added an element of multisensory wonder to the summit. This versatile gel stimulates a range of senses, making it a versatile tool for therapists. From tactile exploration to sensory integration activities, Happy Senso captivated attendees with its potential to enhance learning experiences and create a sensory-rich environment.

Pro Tip: for an even greater sensory experience, try walking through Happy Senso Sensory Gel!

4. Wiggle Wobble Chair Feet: Enhancing Focus and Engagement

Wiggle Wobble Chair Feet

Recognizing the need for subtle sensory solutions in educational settings, the Wiggle Wobble Chair Feet received high acclaim. These clever attachments transform ordinary chairs into dynamic seating options, encouraging movement and improving focus. Attendees discovered how this simple yet effective solution can have a positive impact on students’ engagement and attention spans.

5. Flick Stick Fidget Toy: A Pocket-Sized Solution

Flick Sticks

Fidgeting finds a purpose with the Flick Stick Fidget Toy, which rounded off our list of top sellers. This discreet tool fits in the palm of a hand, providing a soothing outlet for restless fingers. Its satisfying flicking motion aids concentration and stress relief, making it an ideal addition to classroom and therapy settings.

A Journey of Innovation and Collaboration

The 2023 School Based Practitioners Summit was a resounding success, underscoring the importance of innovation and collaboration in the field of education and therapy. At Therapro, we are committed to providing professionals with the tools they need to create engaging, effective, and inclusive learning environments. The summit allowed us to connect with passionate practitioners and showcase products that align with our mission.

As we reflect on this exciting event, we extend our gratitude to all those who participated, shared insights, and explored our product offerings. Your enthusiasm fuels our commitment to supporting educators and practitioners in their noble mission of empowering young minds.

Thank you for being a part of the Therapro community, and we look forward to more opportunities to learn, grow, and innovate together.