The Power of a PowerLink in Promoting Access

A PowerLink is a game changer for users who rely on switches to interact with the environment around them.  With a PowerLink users have the ability to take everyday, corded, electrical appliances and make them switch accessible.  The concept is simple; plug a corded appliance into the receiver of a PowerLink, pick your interaction mode on the PowerLink and add a switch. With this set up users can control the on and off function of whatever corded appliance is plugged in.  The PowerLink opens the door for participation in a variety of everyday activities.  

  • Tools commonly used in the classroom or in an office setting are easily made switch accessible using a Powerlink. Try plugging in an electric pencil sharpener, electric stapler, electric hole punch, or paper shredder to allow switch users to become an active participant in vocational training opportunities or classroom jobs.  
  • In woodshop class or in your home garage some simple, corded tools like an electric screwdriver or hand held sander can be made switch accessible with a Powerlink.  
  • In the kitchen, plugging in simple appliances like a blender, hand mixer or can opener to a PowerLink can help users increase their participation in cooking activities.
  • A well positioned hair dryer plugged into a Powerlink can give users more independence with self care tasks like drying their hair after a shower or fingernails after a manicure! 

Looking for fun and creative ways to use your PowerLink? Download these activity ideas:

  1. Accessible Splash Art
  2. Make Music!
  3. Stimulate the Visual Senses!
  4. Switch Adapted Car Wash
  5. Switch Adapted ‘Bowling’