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Oppenheim Award Winning Games

Therapro offers select Oppenheim Award-Winning games that target preschool children but can be easily adapted to engage older children and families. The Oppenheim Awards are prestigious accolades given to outstanding toys, games, and books that promote learning and creativity in children. Each product undergoes rigorous evaluation based on criteria such as its educational value, engagement level (active vs. passive play), safety, developmental appropriateness, and avoidance of stereotypes. The awards prioritize products that are entertaining but also enriching, encouraging meaningful learning experiences for children. They represent the most innovative, engaging new products of the year and are judged by child development experts, including educators and therapists, making them highly respected within the industry. In addition, parents and children from across the US are recruited to help choose the best toys of the year. Earning an award seal on a product signifies that the toy was carefully selected.

Therapro features three spinner games designed by eeBoo that are Oppenheim Award winners. They will bring hours of fun and learning to the table!

Cupcake Shaped Spinner Game: This game appeals to young children with its engaging cupcake theme. It encourages turn-taking, fine motor skills (such as spinning the spinner), and color recognition. Therapists can use this game to work on social skills, imaginative play, sequencing, following directions, and more. Children choose ingredients for making their cupcakes and win the game by completing their cupcakes.

Picnic Shaped Spinner Game: All the fun items involved in having a picnic are included in this game, including the ants! The first player to collect an item from each category wins the game. The game can be used to enhance language development by discussing picnic items and actions (e.g. “Let’s have a picnic with sandwiches and watermelon.”). Players learn to categorize, build new vocabulary, and participate in cooperative play.

Build a Robot Game: This game involves assembling parts to create different robot combinations. It employs the player in using fine motor coordination and problem-solving skills to build a robot. This game can be used to target specific goals like visual perception, sequencing, number recognition and understanding, and planning.

Teachers and parents can integrate these games into learning activities at home or in the classroom. The therapeutic value of these games for children with various developmental needs, such as those working on sensory integration, social skills, or cognitive abilities is undeniable. Creative adaptations for an individual child’s needs are possible due to the versatility of these games in addressing various developmental needs.

Discover the transformative power of play with these Oppenheim Award-winning games from eeBoo, available at Therapro. Each game is meticulously designed to foster essential skills like executive function, language development, fine motor coordination, visual perception, and problem-solving. Whether you’re a therapist, teacher, or parent, these versatile games offer endless opportunities for learning, development, and fun! Explore these games today and witness the positive impact they can have on children of all ages and abilities.

Guest Blogger: Filomena Connor, MSOT – Retired

Therapro Games Bundle: Letter Treasure Hunt, Novenops, and Trunks

Boosting Skills with Games!

In the world of education and therapy, finding engaging and effective tools to boost skills can be a game-changer. Fortunately, Therapro has developed a trio of unique games designed to not only boost skills but to also make learning an exciting adventure. In this blog we are exploring how the games Trunks, Letter Treasure Hunt, and Novenops are helpful tools for boosting skill development.

Trunks: The Game of Motor Memory

“Remember, perform, and succeed!”

Trunks®: A Game: boosting Motor-Memory skills

Trunks is the brainchild of an occupational therapist, carefully crafted to promote memory, motor sequencing, and cognitive skills. The concept is simple yet brilliant: players draw a card, study the given action, and then perform it from memory. But here’s the twist – on their next turn, they draw an additional card and must execute both actions in the correct order without peeking.

The real magic lies in the creation of a “trunk,” a series of four cards that, when combined, forms an elephant’s trunk. Through this engaging game, players not only sharpen their memory and sequencing abilities but also enhance their attention to detail and focus. Trunks is an excellent therapeutic tool for those seeking to strengthen cognitive and motor skills in a fun and interactive way.

Watch the short video below for a review of Trunks by physical therapist, Laurie Gombash!

Letter Treasure Hunt: A Multisensory Learning Adventure

“Learning to write, one treasure at a time.”

Letter Treasure Hunt game: boosting handwriting skills

Letter Treasure Hunt is a game that seamlessly blends handwriting skills, gross motor challenges, and language development. It’s an exciting adventure where children explore the world of letters while engaging in activities that improve their handwriting and motor coordination.

In this game, kids embark on a quest to discover hidden treasures, all while completing ‘captain’s orders’, fun gross motor tasks that challenge balance, coordination and strength. This dynamic blend of gross motor challenges not only keeps children active but also enhances their physical development. Moreover, the game fosters language skills by encouraging communication among players.

Letter Treasure Hunt is the perfect example of how education can be both fun and effective, making it an excellent choice for parents, teachers, and therapists looking to boost various skills in an engaging manner.

Watch the short video below for a review of Letter Treasure Hunt by physical therapist, Laurie Gombash!

Novenops: Mastering Grammar through Play

“Grammar made fun, one card at a time.”

NOVENOP is an acronym created from the words NOun, VErb, NOun, and Phrase and is a board game for children of ages 6 and up

Novenops is a game that focuses on enhancing the player’s understanding of the basic elements of grammar. With 60 carefully designed cards, this game creates a captivating learning experience that continuously reinforces sentence structure concepts. As players progress, their word familiarity improves, subsequently boosting their reading and writing skills.

The beauty of Novenops lies in its ability to turn grammar lessons into an enjoyable activity. By gamifying language learning, it removes the traditional barriers associated with grammar education and replaces them with excitement and engagement. It’s an ideal tool for educators and parents who want to transform grammar from a chore into a rewarding adventure.

Watch the short video below for a review of Novenops by physical therapist, Laurie Gombash!

Therapro’s games— Trunks, Letter Treasure Hunt, and Novenops —are shining examples of how education and therapy can be both effective and enjoyable. These games are not only designed to boost skills but also make the learning process a memorable and fun experience. Whether you’re a therapist, educator, or parent, consider incorporating these games into your toolkit to unlock the full potential of skill development. With Therapro, learning is an adventure waiting to be discovered!

Therapro's demo table at ATIA 2023

ATIA 2023 Conference Highlights: It’s All About The Free Resources!

As a part of Therapro’s effort to be the resource for families and professionals the Therapro team attended the recent 2023 Assistive Technology Institute Association (ATIA) Conference where we had many opportunities to demonstrate the resources Therapro is known for.

Did you ever notice that Therapro’s logo includes the line “The Resource for Families and Professionals?”  Why? We believe that achieving goals toward independence is not only about the use of products, but also about the resources that educate consumers on the uniqueness and rationale behind the products. Because of this strong belief, all of Therparo’s  resources are FREE and include FREE webinars, FREE catalogs (5 catalogs), free TheraGram newsletters, free Handy Guides and more. 

At ATIA the Therapro team was able to meet up with specialists in the field of assistive technology and share with them many of Therapro’s assistive technology resources that were created by occupational therapist, Allyson Locke and graphic designer Dave Asselin. In this blog we are sharing some of the favorite resources from ATIA 2023.

Therapro’s Mechanical Switch Comparison Chart

Do you work with switches? Do you sometimes struggle to decide which is the best switch to choose for a client? Then this chart, created by occupational therapist Allyson Locke, is for you! It features 11 switches and compares each of them by 6 important factors: Connection type, Activation type, Activation Surface, Feedback, Plug size and Mounting plate. This Chart will help in your decision making and explanation to staff and family members regarding switches.

The Functionalhand: Live Demos & Information Sheet 

Getting a chance to try out the functionalhand was a big hit at ATIA 2023 and was one of the most important pieces of adaptive equipment used in activities of daily living  shown at ATIA. Created by Linda Merry, OTR and Celine Skertich, PT, the functionalhand has been engineered to assist individuals who have difficulty with grasp. Attendees were amazed by its simplicity and versatility in being used with almost any object. The accompanying handout was sought out by many; it includes a QR Code that takes the viewer  to a  terrific video showing its MANY  different uses.  When used with the  EazyHold (see next paragraph) the adaptations are greatly expanded.

EazyHold Universal Cuff

EazyHold – What Can You Adapt?

The patented design of the EazyHold gives children and adults the ability to hold onto many items with ease. ATIA attendees loved the soft feel and flexibility. EazyHolds comes in multiple sizes to help get a better grip on objects small to large. Therapro’s Handy Guide, What Can I Adapt, has great explanations to help you decide which size is best and the many pictures illustrate how to use them in everyday life!

Assistive Technology Handy Guide for Daily Activities

Therapro’s Assistive Technology Handy Guide provides a quick snapshot of available technology, from low to high tech that is available at Therapro.  Looking for ideas for increasing access and independence in the classroom or at home? This resource is for you!


PowerLink Activity Ideas

Another great opportunity we had at ATIA was sharing activity ideas with fellow therapists and of course we brought along some of our favorite ideas! In a previous blog, The Power of a PowerLink in Promoting Access, which is definitely worthy of reading, we shared several ideas for switch adapted activities that can be done with a Powerlink. While at ATIA, occupational therapist and writer of the blog, Allyson Locke, explained and discussed with attendees one of the activities, Switch Adapted Bowling. Check out the blog for additional ideas.