Thank You for the Wonderful Reviews

by Therapro

We recently received the following reviews on Amazon. Thank you for the kind words! 


Therapro Stage Rite Raised-Line Paper

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"I have (very) low vision and bought this paper to help me take notes when I go to a meeting or such and need to record details. The wide raised dark lines help me write more legibly so that when I get my notes home I have a better chance of being able to decipher what I wrote when put under my CCTV. I am going to try the next smaller stage next time I order as I think I am getting better at writing this way! I am so pleased with my progress. I thought without the money to buy a tablet and with a crummy memory, I was stuck, but I am pleased to have struck upon my creative solution to my problem! I cannot wait to report back at the next meeting at the Support Group I attend for those of us who are adjusting to our new lives." - Anne M


Wide Lined Raised Paper

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"Great tool for students who need to feel the lines to stay in them. I am a teacher and use this paper for my special needs students in my classroom. I would definitely recommend it." - Litter of Pups



Using Sensory Stories and Sensory Strategy Cards - October 18th Seminar

by Therapro

For children with over-responsive sensory modulation, participating in everyday activities can be overwhelming. Victoria Nackley, MS, OTR/L, co-author of Sensory Stories presented a Therapro seminar on Saturday, October 18th entitled Using Sensory Stories and Sensory Strategy Cards

(45 Strategies to Add to Your Sensory Diet) to Promote Self-Regulation. She engaged the audience of about 60 therapists, teachers, parents and grandparents in learning how to use sensory stories as a therapeutic tool to help a child engage successfully in typical home, school, and community activities that intrinsically are loaded with sensory experiences. Victoria discussed the fact that 15 research studies currently support the theory that Sensory Stories promote a child's ability to engage in day-to-day activities.

Sensory Stories empower a child to cope with day-to day life activities such as getting dressed, riding the school bus, and going to the store. Victoria and her co-author, Deborah Marr, have developed 30 individual stories that can be customized to each child. She engaged the attendees as a group in a sensory story about brushing their teeth. The calming strategies recommended are simple and quick so that they can easily be incorporated into a task that a child finds difficult to accomplish. For example, calming strategies might involve deep touch pressure like a self-hug or using a towel to apply deep pressure to the skin.

For a child to feel successful everyday builds self-esteem and social acceptance. Sensory Stories add a powerful tool in our toolbox that can help a child learn self- regulation. Following are few of the many positive comments from those who attended the Sensory Stories seminar:

“Informative practical ideas that can be used right away.”  Karen D.

“Exploded my ideas beyond the ‘typical’ applications of the Sensory Story cards.”  Elizabeth S.

“Gives a very good presentation not only on Sensory Stories but also the importance of understanding sensory modulation.”  Brooke W.

“She provided a great background/review on self-regulation. She gave many great examples and treatment ideas. I’m looking forward to trying them both with my clients and my own son!”  Natalie S.

Thank you,Tory!

Filomena Connor, MS, OTR/L


OT/PT Fall 2014 Conference

by Therapro

I had the pleasure of representing Therapro at the OT/PT Fall 2014 Conference at Northern Illinois University on October 17, 2014. In its 12th year, this conference provided a jam-packed day of workshops for occupational therapists and physical therapists who provide school-based services. Over 500 therapists traveled from Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Indiana to attend this popular conference held every other year. The objectives of the conference were aimed at ensuring that students continue to receive exceptional therapeutic support from therapists in their educational programs through collaboration with educational staff and families.

Attendees chose from 11 dynamic workshops with pertinent content, including:

  • Activity Based Intervention -The Role of Adaptive Equipment
  • YogaEd and Brain Gym
  • The Zones of Regulation
  • AT Solutions
  • ...and many more.

Therapro author Tere Bowen-Irish presented a full day session at the conference entitled: OT for the Anxious/Stressed Students (Strategies for a Calmer Classroom) and Drive Thru Menus for Pre-School and Kindergarten…Setting the Scene for Pre-literacy Skills and Comprehension through an OT’s Eyes.

Therapists congregated at the Therapro exhibit to peruse products, try them out, and discuss them with colleagues.  Among popular items were:

Congratulations to conference chairs Deb Daniel and Terry Seifert for all their intensive labor that resulted in a successful, stimulating conference. See you again next time around!

Filomena Connor, MS, OTR/L

October 17, 2014